An Introduction

How we can help with Saleforce Auditing

AuditMyCRM provides information about use of the system and assists you in diagnosing potential or real security issues. Salesforce® auditing features don't secure your organization by themselves, you need someone to support you and that is why AuditMyCRM is here to help your organization in doing regular audits to detect potential errors.

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Auditing Features

A quick glance at the types of audits we can support you with

Metadata Audit

Help your teams to review and approve change requests, and check how those approvals are adapting to actual changes in the system.

Code Audit

Find and fix errors and spot performance issues throughout the development process. The entire code review follows coding standards shared by Salesforce®.

Security Audit

Maintain a high level of security and analyze security breaches. It helps you to quickly detect and solve any possible weaknesses in the security settings.

What We Do

AuditMyCRM scans your Salesforce® CRM within no time and provide you with the list of errors and warnings, if there are any in the system.

Quick and Comprehensive Scanning

Scan your Salesforce® instance completely and perform audits to monitor unexpected changes or usage trends to give you a list and stats of errors/warnings in the system.

Evaluate Instances

Evaluate potential vulnerabilities by running a 360-degree Quality Audit to optimize the Salesforce® Instances and assist the organizations to clean it up and make it data-light, cost-efficient, and up-to-date.

Check Your Health Score

Run regular health checkups of your Salesforce® CRM and receive necessary data and health score which would guide you in making some critical decisions.


Why Do We Need Salesforce Auditing?

Auditing your Salesforce CRM system is very crucial to make sure the Org is healthy and secure. It provides information about the use of the system, which can be critical in diagnosing potential or real security issues. The Salesforce auditing features don't secure your organization by themselves; someone in your organization should do regular audits to detect potential abuse. You need to monitor for any unanticipated changes or usage trends and to ensure those changes Forcetalks came up with the solution – AuditMyCRM...

AuditMyCRM is one of the best tools out there for a Salesforce Architect, Admin, Consultant or Developer, as it helps you to identify where current system capabilities fall short in delivering the desired outcomes by completely scanning the system and lets you examine your entire Salesforce ecosystem so you can improve your decision-making with proactive, practical, and forward-looking insights. It helps organizations in diagnosing Potential errors so that they can clean up their Salesforce instance and make it data-light, cost-efficient, and up-to-date.

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